Hype boils down tomorrow as Slush 2014, the start-up conference kicks off in Helsinki. Start-ups have grown up to be the big brothers of business and Slush too has crossed the gap from a small challenger to a mainstream phenomena.

Being in a video production company mainly for growth businesses and being located in Helsinki, missing Slush would be stupid. No, I am not a speaker in the conference and we are not looking for an investor. Because there is no ready-made slot for us we have to decide what is our plan in Slush at least so that we can pivot the plan when we get there 🙂

Our plan is simply to look and see what is going on to learn, analyze and gain insight about how to make life better for us and our clients. Hopefully we’ll meet new people and business contacts, but that is not our main objective. In general I would warn everyone about stepping into performing a preconfigured start-up ecosystem role. It is as likely to succeed as becoming a rock star by mimicking the rock stars of today. You’ll be inevitably late when you get to your goal that way.

I don’t know what to expect from Slush, and I like it that way. I am about to go and see. We’ll make a series of #microvideo’s about the insight I get from Slush. The first one is about the Slush app, created by Qvik. I like it a lot. See the video and you’ll see why.

Antti Sipilä

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