Hello there! Since the video production process is often asked about from of us, our video blog ( first time in English! ) with the nice animation above and the text below is about the stages of video production. Video production goes according to our experience – in this order.

1. Plan

Define your audience! What type are your viewers’ personalities? (The buyer persona.) In what style or tone should you speak to them?

Craft the story. What is the idea that you want to convey about the subject and how is it told through a story. Let’s bounce it around together. Your best story is difficult to see if your alone in the middle of it.

Approve the plan. In most cases, a screenwriter writes and you comment until all are satisfied.

2. Production


Brand names: Logos, fonts, etc.
Existing materials and archive material.
It does not matter if these don’t exist, as the next in line is:


Filming footage and creating other visual elements, such as diagrams and drawing animation characters.
Motion graphics and animation. (As seen on the video above.)
Audio: Speak, effects and music.
Editing it all together.


Comments on the first version. Corrections.
The final video inspection and the last fixes.

3. Delivery

All done!  A Full HD video file with all rights is what you get. It will upload as such to all your channels 🙂

Publish! Show it to your spouse and neighbour. Go to the market. Receive comments. Generate leads. Enjoy. Good job! Publish again! ?

Read more about OneMinStory video production on this page.

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