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If you take a moment to think about your own concentration capacities, you will realize that you are not freely using your capacities as such. Your brain processes several different tasks and duties with varying degrees of effectiveness, and so dealing with new tasks get very little room. This is quite common for most people, including your future clients.


The human goal is to quickly get tasks (especially work-related ones) out of the way (so as to make room for new tasks). This why an individual tends to logically avoid dealing with new things. New things that will help in the accomplishing of prior tasks are an exception though. This exception is our only truly justified market niche: We need to be able to present a new tool or solution to can help our customers get pending tasks out of the way.

The acquisition of a new solution

The searching procedure for myself goes something like this:

  1. Dealing with frustrating tasks.
  2. Talking to my wife or my co-workers about them.
  3. From a discussion a solution will be suggested which, in turn, means a new task leading to evaluation and reflection.
  4. Exploring the new solution on the net.
  5. Deciding to change the task to contacting a new person or buying a new product or service.

When considering the suggested solutions the clients will end up on the net where they will be looking for something and thus end up finding your company’s website. This is the significant moment on the net for your company. What is expected of your company at that precise moment?

Using myself, again, as a guinea pig, I describe in which way the experience unfolds:

  1. How does this look?
  2. Is this a valid company?
  3. How does this work?
  4. Does it meet with/exceed my expectations?
  5. Who should I contact?

The style of the pages is usually adapted to the target group and modified according to the brand. In any case, for the person who visits the pages for the first time, getting to know the company’s line of basic blues or a brand’s innovative splash takes time and effort. It can be a discomforting and vague experience. You can’t be sure if you are wasting time or not until the search on a website has been taken far enough for your diagnostic purposes.

Videos present a great solution

A short and interesting video which is offered right in the beginning is a good way to get to know new things and it is often the best option because:

  • A video requires very little labour. Press play.
  • It removes the user’s (and your) uncertainty when it comes to finding all the relevant information in the right way and in the right order.
  • The time you need to invest for the watching of the video is displayed in the player beforehand.
  • Videos capture and entertain. They therefore allow individuals to forget all those other things and tasks that compete for attention in the brain in order to focus only on your offering.

In order to accomplish these advantages, the video needs to be sufficiently aimed at the user and the video production needs to be sufficiently professional and tasteful. The player’s and thumbnail’s appearances, i.e. the way the video is presented, are of great importance. More details on that in the next post.

Antti Sipilä, CEO

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