Optimizing the YouTube channel brought significantly more viewers for  the construction company

If no one clicks on the video, then the investment placed in video production has been completely wasted. YouTube channel optimization is based on organizing and modifying the user interface, i.e. the channel and  its existing and new contents in a form that optimally serves the audience and strengthens the brand’s message. This causes YouTube to recommend the video to the right audiences continuously after publication.

YIT is the largest construction company in Finland with a revenue of 2,4 billion euros. The optimization of the YIT Koti channel and existing content has affected the channel’s views immediately. The channel is aimed at to new home buyers.  Now also in the planning and publishing of new productions, we know take into account optimisation and, above all, public service in the best possible way.

Client's comments

OneMinstory has been our partner in optimizing YouTube content. We received clear instructions for the optimization project and the necessary support so that we can independently produce optimized content for YouTube in the future. Our own understanding increased and our YouTube channel got a new, more user-friendly look. We have also jointly planned and implemented content suitable for the YouTube channel.

Vilma Sanmark, YIT Suomi Oyj, Marketing planner Let's schedule a meeting! »

YIT Home YouTube channel video production

YIT is the largest construction company in Finland, which famously builds wonderful apartments on the best construction sites. We made an optimization for the YIT Koti YouTube channel, which increases the number of views of the YouTube channel’s videos and the level of the channel’s user experience. At the same time, we started video production to present selected new housing projects of the YIT Koti channel. The new videos are designed for the users according to the the co-created strategy, and their planning utilises the channel’s user data. The videos have received significantly more views compared to the channel’s previous videos.

The attached video shows a new project at Espoon Seaside. The performances in the videos are from the expert personnel actually responsible for the housing project.

Client's comments

"The collaboration with OneMinStory went very well. We got a lot of ideas for videos from them and their clear guidance helped us achieve our desired goals. I am very satisfied with our joint projects and we will definitely use them in similar videos in the future!"

Erkko Kiviluoma, Project Manager, YIT Suomi Oyj Let's schedule a meeting! »

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