Major launch

CSi Industries, from the Netherlands, is offering material handling systems and package logistics for industries all over the world. Taros has been CSi’s most valuable product and a bestseller machine for more than 10 years. Now, it was time to revamp it completely with a new product name: Taros 2. OneMinStory helped CSi to impress via launch video.

Successful, yet challenging product launch with an animation video

The most challenging part of the publishing was the fact, that the product was not ready for video nor photo shoot prior to the launch. Therefore, the product launch video was produced completely as an animation by using only the CAD -modeling file from the engineers and designers. CSi Industries’ management, marketing and production took part in planning of the video via OneMinStory’s video desinging tool. The video was completed from scratch to the launch event held in Mexico in only five weeks. Both CSi Industries and their clients were impressed by the video!

Client's comments

“Reactions on the video were very good, and CSi colleagues were really impressed, so good job!”

Ingrid Diepstraten, Marketing Officer, CSi palletising Let's schedule a meeting! »