Measuring marketing results and ROI with artificial intelligence

The painful question and problem within a marketing organization is how to validate the results of marketing and thus justify the increasing investment of resources, money and labor. In Sellforte’s video,  Mia is a marketing manager who is facing the problem in concrete terms, as her budget is being cut in half because her leaders cannot see its impact on sales. If only it was possible to measure the impact of marketing and target its investments in real time.

The story of the video was developed in close collaboration with the Sellforte team.

Client's comments

“Visualizing Sellforte's promise of value and condensing it into an approximately one-minute introvideo required good listening and discussion skills from the partner. OneMinStory was able to stand out from its competitors by providing a tailored service at every stage of the process. ”

Chris Kervinen, Marketing manager, Sellforte Let's schedule a meeting! »

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