Grasping the new is a challenge

Flashnode is a fast growing international start-up company from Jyväskylä. They face the challenge of telling about Flashnode’s automatic service for entrepreneurs and professionals in small businesses. The service is simple for the user, as the best services are, but because it’s kind has not previously been available, it is hard to conceive, before it’s logic is actually seen.

Relief from Animation Video

Verbally described, a monthly priced business systems integration service is just not yet easily understood. We needed something to make it understood. To meet this need, OneMinStory and Flashnode created a short story that was produced to an animation video in four languages. The video is now available in Finnish, German, English and Swedish. Positive feedback from the video has been received from the customers.

Client's comments

Often you are in so deep in your own service's features', that it is difficult to answer this question firmly: "What are you doing?"! In doing this the video was a great success and our customers have liked it a lot!

Saara Rytsy, Marketing Manager, Flashnode Let's schedule a meeting! »