Sharing new technology in the spirit of the brand with an animation video

The Neuron Activation Pod or N.A.P product from LoOok Industries and Neurosonic provides well-being and concentration for corporate employees and customers. This ia an animated video about Billy’s week. Billy is the mascot of LoOok Industries.  The animation takes the audience with Billy through his week as an N.A.P user for the first time. The animated video was designed to be fun and surprising. While it’s about health research and public product video based on scientific research, it doesn’t have to be boring. The courage of the client was helpful in designing this video and it is one of our favorite works.

Animation production

The production of the animation started with design, in which a good amount of time was invested with the customer. The actual production of the animation video began with Billy’s modeling and then, according to the script and synchronized by the voice over our animator was given freedom to implement the action according to the spirit of the script and plan. Billy’s Week has received a lot of positive feedback on LoOok Industries ’social media and among customers and partners.

Client's comments

"The cooperation went well and relatively quickly, we are satisfied with the result."

Ivar Gestranius, Founder / Design Director LoOok Industries Ltd. Let's schedule a meeting! »

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