Ready for the global market of attention

OneMinStory is an ambitious video production company founded in 2011. We acknowledge the videos we produce for our customers are compared on a global market of attention and work to impress the chosen target group above expectations within this reality.  We make your case through the best original story available, quickly and effectively. We’re based in Helsinki, but practice our trade for our customers everywhere in the world.

Inspiring video easily and quickly

We work at a brisk pace. We know the market doesn’t wait up. We share one distinct goal with our clients: Producing the most compelling video we can, as effective and effectively as we can, while keeping to our impeccable standards. For this we need superiorly talented people and daring use of their skills.

Our creativity is not limited to just the visible end product. We favor creative solutions to production, which allows us to produce high quality videos with less effort, brighter creative message,  greater speed and at a reasonable cost.

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