OneMinStory cloud based video planning and management
OneMinStory offers an email and phone call free planing experience for your video.


Making the ordering of a great video for a business easier has always been our cause. Capability to craft and design great videos is a part of that, but not all of it. At first when we started, we made out our planning tool on a fairly simple Microsoft Excel sheet.  It’s been a success and well liked among our customers: Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs of whom some have not ordered a video before.

It has been evidently a relieving experience for our customers to see that from a single page everything that is going to be in the video can be seen and edited.

As our customers’ businesses have grown and their business environments have sped up, the Excel proved to be insufficient. Mainly since sharing email attachment versions across a team with variable commitments to the project would jam its flow at some point. We can’t have that. So we took the plan to the cloud.

It works.

OneMinStory video planning tool

It has been inspiring to see that our customers like to use the tool without any guidance, and that they seem to be happier with the process and the project outcomes. Things seem to go suspiciously well sometimes. But when you see it you just have to believe it: Planning a video in the cloud is easier. We are developing the service all along from the feedback we receive. The use of the planning tool is free for our clients.

Antti Sipilä




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