Pihla Group has ordered a continuous series of video production from OneMinStory for the marketing of Tiivi and Pihla windows and doors, especially on YouTube. During the contract, OneMinStory will also manage the publication of videos and the optimization of Tiiv’s YouTube channel. Tiivi offers a top-quality domestic window collection and a certified installation service especially for consumer customers. OneMinStory and Pihla Group have previously collaborated on projects, and now for the first time videos are produced with a continuous production program. The first videos of the contract period have been published on YouTube in June 2022. After the start of publishing the videos, Tiivi has also risen to the top positions in Google search with its most important search terms, and the videos have achieved thousands of views organically.

Videon soitin YouTubessa jossa esiinty Tiivin ikkunoiden asiantuntija

Base mapping helps you start in the right direction right away

Pihla Group’s Industrial Business Director & Marketing Director Minna Keränen commented: “Video is an important part of the way we serve our customers. Particularly good in this experience has been the thorough ground mapping that was done with OneMinStory to make a plan. We have also received much needed so-called a view from the consumers’ shoes to the design and execution of the videos, and we are very pleased that we went along with this.” Even though performing can seem exciting, every one Tiivi’s experts has had the courage to perform when requested to be on camera.

“Employer brand and personal representation of a thought leader on video are also the marketing goals here.” – says Minna Keränen.

The performance of Pihla Group experts is supported by professional director guidance and a script. With the help of data and feedback, videos and ongoing work can be constantly sparred.

Quick publishing rate – both for the sake of the audience and YouTube

The release publishing frequency is relatively fast and at least once a month a new video is published and optimized for YouTube. In this way, we want to serve both the public and take the place that belongs to the leading creator of the subject area on of windows and doors on the YouTube platform in the eyes of both the algorithms and the public. YouTube publication has also been shown to affect the discoverability of both videos and the company’s website in Google’s search engines.

Boldly straight to the poin

The starting point of content in videos is to serve the customer. The videos don’t shy away from sensitive topics from a business perspective, such as how much window repairs really costs, or what alternatives there are, e.g. repairing the windows yourself

During the contract, OneMinStory also manages the publication of videos and the optimization and monitoring of Tiiv’s YouTube channel. There are good and generally underutilized tools for optimizing YouTube content, with which a video designed for the YouTube experience, if properly published, can be found on the platform by an interested person even years later. This evergreenness is special in the social media world, where the lifespan of one publication is usually from an hour to a day. Multi-channel is not forgotten, as separate social media clips are produced from each Tiiv video for Tiiv’s other channels to promote the actual videos.



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