ANTTINobody wants to deal with uncertainty factors or something difficult. That is why we have removed uncertainty factors concerning contracts from the video ordering process by stating the price for the video beforehand and by granting permanent rights for the distribution of the video for the same price.

That’s nice but what about the main issue, what will the video be like? It feels that it is impossible to know that in advance. –No, it isn’t. –It probably requires an endless number of meetings. –No, it doesn’t. The goal and target group of the video define the style for the video, and it is, of course, useful to talk about these issues face to face. Usually, this requires one meeting. For the purpose of actually planning the contents of the video, we have created a contents table with which it is possible to plan the video together without any meetings – by e-mail and phone. The contents table is easy to share, and with it you can see how everything will be displayed on the video. The table guides you to fill in the right elements at the right spots. It can be customized endlessly.

When the plan is ready, we will begin the production. Because of the contents table, our animators and producers have a clear overall picture of the project and they can trust that the client, too, knows what he has ordered. They can concentrate on creating all parts of the video in the best possible way.

During the nearly two years with Oneminstory, I have witnessed noticeably less need for corrections in the first versions of the animated videos that our clients have ordered than during the entire 15 years I have worked with customized video production in general. This is due to the fact that corrections have been made in advance, already during the planning stage. We correct all possible mistakes but never have I encountered a situation where a client has said: Hey, this is nothing like we ordered! On the contrary, we have often seen that the first version is the final version!

Feedback from people who have made animated videos with us:

“Originally, my boss thought that we would never finish this video.” – “In our company, people have been truly amazed at how great the end result has been with such a limited budget.” – “We have attached the video as a link in the signature block of our e-mails for over a year.” – “We localize (translate) this video to suit all of our new countries.”

Making animated videos doesn’t need to be difficult. The most important thing is to contact us.

The following compilation features samples of animated videos we have made:

Antti Sipilä

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