thumbnail_0Ideally, the ideas that come up during an innovation process are widely assessed at each development stage so that a relevant sample of feedback can be collected to be used when making decisions about further development. How to produce and distribute a universal presentation for each idea at different stages of the process?

One solution is video production with the help of a video template. For example, for each idea that has made it or is just making it to get to the prototype phase, a video is made using the same format that will present the idea clearly, repeatably, and interestingly and that is easy to share. A coherent process and visual look promote fair competitive atmosphere and concretize the realization of the process’s interim goal for both the participants and the external audience.

The brand of the innovation process’s owner is visible as wished during the entire duration of the video thanks to the customizable video template.

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Linked here is a Start-Up compilation of Aalto University’s process from a couple of years ago. You might recognize a few cases that have since caught on 🙂

Antti Sipilä

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