There are endless possibilities to construct a story. That is exactly the problem.

The purpose of a business story is to give people, partners and customers to be, hope about something new and useful to them. Because hope can create an interest that grows.

One way to build a business story is: Person, Service, Numbers.

  1. Person ( Real person or a character of a story) = Hope ( Someone recognises your problem and is able to solve it. )
  2. Service = Something that creates new value.
  3. Numbers = Proof of usefulness

For example: I am the person in public for OneMinStory. I have partners who have better skills than me in business and in video production, but I am one in the company who takes responsibility of it on a daily basis and the one who owns most of it. I am committed to our clients and it is my professional purpose now to serve and give hope to those who wish to get their stuff to market effectively.

Service is essential. For example, OneMinStory’s video production management application enhances collaboration and communication with everyone involved for creating the best possible story on video about your business.

Numbers. For executives, numbers are very useful and thus impactful. For example: 59% of senior executives prefer video over text.

Who is your person, what is your service and what is your number?

P.S. Person, service, numbers is not the only way to structure a good business story. It’s just one of the of ways to look at it.

P.P.S. Yes, I will start my own video blog soon.

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