Video series: the advantages of producing regular video content online

Producing videos as a series is effective in communications and marketing for both businesses and communities. The fact that it is not yet done by many companies means it is a tremendous opportunity to stand out and take over the market. Some well-known success stories in producing regular video content are Smartly, awarded as the best startup in Finland, and Vaynermedia from the US. Below you can find a list of five advantages of using regular video content and instructions on how to get started.

1. You will be remembered by the target audience

One great thing about a series of videos is that your audience will want to know what might come next. If you create interesting content and hint that you will do this again soon, you create an expectation for something new with each new video of the series. Your audience is curious and interested in what will happen next. That means your series and brand will be on their minds in between videos – in other words, all the time!

2. Learning

Regularly doing something leads to learning. In social media, continuous learning is HUGE. You receive feedback and data from every video in your series, and you can use it to choose the topic of your next video and in making it. Learning and mental growth will motivate your team to carry on and this, in turn, will help your business reach the crest of the wave.

3. A video series is easier to find

The target audience will find it easier to find a series of videos than a single video. This is because a series simply contains more of the most important unique qualifiers* that online search engines use in indexing and perceive as being CONNECTED to each other.

So the more videos you create in a series, the more likely it is that your videos and business will be found, talked about and people want to connect with it.

*Headings, url, descriptions, links, tags, and optimised keywords

Hint: You can create a series out of existing YouTube videos by creating a playlist. You can make a different list for each series, and new videos can be automatically added to the separate lists through a tag or a word in the description. YouTube is more likely to suggest the next video in your series to viewers.

4. Social media favours those who produce video content regularly

Social media platforms, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn collect information on each user in a separate file to apply their algorithms. This information is used by the algorithm to decide when and to whom to show content. All of these platforms prefer video, and those who produce it regularly are favoured when it comes to for example being shown on YouTube searches. Videos are effective in keeping users on a platform and services compete for being the favourite video platform, so advertising a video, in other words, sharing videos has been made as easy as possible for businesses. Improving the sharing of videos is one of the most competitive factors for platforms and the most effective way to reach the target audience.

Video advertising has been proven to be the most cost effective way to advertise profitably on Facebook when the goal is to create conversions through a website.

5. A series of videos can set you apart from the competition

It’s true that many companies make a lot of video content and use it to create a large brand image online. Even in the global scale, very few businesses create recognisable content in the form of a series of videos, which have a clear, unique voice. It doesn’t take much more than the decision to start though. I have been doing this for over 20 videos so far.

In addition to that video series, our Instagram account contains some of our mobile-friendly video content designed for that platform. Maybe that content is what got you to read this text in the first place.

Another example of a great video series in a longer format is Nat and Friends created by a Google employee. I like everything about this series except its length – I would make each video one minute long. Time is time.

How to start producing videos regularly?

To start, we go through the basics by looking at the needs of your target audience and your goals. We plan ideas and formats for your series on the chosen platform and based on your niche and then start creating content following the pricing structure agreed beforehand.

Our experts are continuously available and use tools such as the finished design for the motions graphics of your videos and platform specific formats for your series, which we use to regularly edit great looking video content for the different channels on topics related to your business. You can use them to reach your target audience in a measurable way and to learn about their reactions. This allows us to keep improving the quality and impact of your videos over time. The reactions your videos receive will also help you to develop your whole business through new insights on the feelings that are prevalent in your market and its current state.

Channel-specific format

Should your video be vertical or horizontal? Depending on the requirements, it might be good to use both. Our offer will always include all the versions of the finished video that you need for the channels you use. Producing them is not a problem when we have the storyline and materials. New versions for different channels can be easily tested and added over time.

How often?

Tying your hands by committing to publishing each and every Thursday might not be the best approach. Planning and a publishing calendar are helpful, but plans must be flexible and follow other actions taken and the markets. Your series will be most beneficial when the publishing cycle is such that your target audience recognises the series and you can take advantage of the momentum it creates. For example, it might be good to be visible at least once in a quarter. When the content creators are constantly working, you make the most of the advantages of learning, visibility and the growing familiarity in the minds of your target audience. Of course, in the case of our experts, they create video content all the time and also learn from the other projects they work on, bringing all the newest expertise with them to your video project.


To produce the first video, we will both attend a short workshop which only takes a small amount of time to ensure the approach we take will be of interest to your customers. The workshop allows us to agree on the fixed production fee for regular video content. Due to the channel-specific format, anyone in your organisation can order simply by sending an e-mail. There will be no time-consuming meetings after we get started! We will create content, publish and learn with continuous improvement.

See you soon!

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