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Members of our network are video production professionals and entrepreneurs. Through OneMinStory’s company network you’ll get superior know-how and value, nationwide where ever you need.

“Kiinteistömaailma is a franchising chain that has a network of approximately 110 agencies around Finland. Thanks to OneMinStory’s nationwide network we have been able to offer a video production of same price and quality for all of the entrepreneurs in our chain. An opporunity to co-work locally with another entrepreneur network have also been imporant for our chain.”

– Minna Lähteenmaa, marketing planner, Kiinteistömaailma – the biggest franchise real estate agency chain in Finland

Antti S.

Antti has designed hundreds of videos and short films. To his customers Antti wants to provide an opportunity to move forward as entrepreneurs or in their careers through videos. Antti is an adventurer by nature, and likes to travel.


Eemeli is here to assist with productions and to keep the right rhythm going. As a drummer, it's second nature to him!

Antti R.

Antti is a visionary animator and director who has a very strict focus on his job. Good sense of humour and a world class vision also when it comes to cars are his additional qualities.


Producer and videographer who’s heart will melt for well made videos and italian food. Sami appreciates careful designing and efficient production.

Antti K.

Videographer and editor. Sociable with high work morale. This man is a combination of strong technical skills and understanding of content.


Content of pictorial communications is managed in one screen or in 25 screens in a second. Miska knows still-filming as well as videos. As a hobby Miska has films and NHL.


Pasi does filming, editing and producing and enjoys working with experts from different industries. In other words, exactly what’s done in corporate communications. As taking his mind elsewhere Pasi likes to watch ice hockey.


Jarno has edited and is currently editing a lot of videos and tv commercials. Production and filming is also managed when needed. Jarno is a sports guy, football as a number one sport.


.Ville has designed epic videos over a half decade with fresh and unconditional quality. As customers Ville has collected some of the biggest companies in Finland as well as some of the best start-ups.


A video maker that has solved many different companies’ needs. Filming in nature and riding a snowmobile are close to Rikumatti’s heart. Sports filming can also be managed.


Producer and videographer who’s drive and enthusiasm for doing never stops. Mikko’s hobbies and work are same. Dogs, cooking and urban music are close to Mikko’s heart.


From year 2010 onwards there has been only diamond going through Valtteri’s camera. He polishes the angles in edit with fast and professional touch.


Videographer and director who wants to find the best possible way to make the customer benefit from the video. As a hobby Patrik has drifting – team leading.

Tomi L.

Tomi is a voice over artist and communication professional. He can also manage reporting and producing for your projects. As a hobby Tomi has music and collecting.

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Video production quality can be permanently high and the price rational if you choose the right doers. Choose OneMinStory's company network as means for your video production.

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