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Video design and comprehensive video production expertise

OneMinStory offers message and script design of your videos together with your team, according your target audience and your goals. We will then produce and direct all video production with specialized expertise covering each area. Antti Sipilä designs the videos together with your team with experience in designing over 500 videos. Production is coordinated by our regular staff, who also know the strengths of our network creators. For example, one is a top aerial photographer and another is a 3D animator. So, in addition to our own creators, the group includes some of the nation’s top video production professionals in a specific niche.

Antti S. Video design, Director, CEO

Antti designs the message of your video to work in the script and the final video according to your goal and beyond with the design experience of hundreds of different videos. Antti's hobby is everyday adventures.

Eemeli, Producer, Editor, Cinematography

Eemeli is here to assist with productions and to keep the right rhythm going. As a drummer, it's second nature to him!

Antti R. Head of Animation

Antti is a visionary animator and director who has a very strict focus on his job. Good sense of humour and a world class vision also when it comes to cars are his additional qualities.

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Video production quality can be always great and the price right if you choose the right team. Choose OneMinStory to create your video production.

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