“People need to experience the business as effectively as possible. OneMinStory shares your business, people, products and content in the most interesting form to your audiences.

OneMinStory provides everything in video production and design for a best possible experience for all participants – especially your audience. Feel free to check our references. Fresh insight and professional always. Let’s begin to share your story with excellent videos!”  – Antti Sipilä, CEO


We dont cut the your film if it is over one minute, but a minute is more than enough to tell an entire story.  Used well, a minute is enough to make your story vivid and compelling.

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“This is more than we expected”.

3DBear, US Sales team

MSK Group Family Business of the Year 2023

Corporate videos, Communication on video

Equinix – the world’s largest data center service company recruits

Corporate videos, Communication on video, HR videos

Topcon Health – Managing the work of eye health professionals

Product videos, Animated videos

Luoto Company – Intro Film

Corporate videos, HR videos

Aalto University

Communication on video, HR videos
OneMinStoryn videotuotanto: Aalto-yliopisto video

Measuring marketing with AI – Sellforte

Product videos, Corporate videos, Animated videos

Probitat making vegetarian food taste great

Corporate videos, Communication on video

Ambine – Digital marketing made easy

Product videos, Animated videos

3DBear – 3D educational software

Product videos, Tutorial videos

Lyyti EVS – Event Valuation Score

Product videos